Juicing for Health

Juicing is one of the best ways to get essential nutrition rapidly into our body. Through natural juice therapy you can turn around your health and no longer feel drained and fatigued. 

What do the juices contain?

The juice recipes I will give you contain different combinations of fruit and vegetables. They contain the most natural form of vitamins and minerals that wash and revitalise your cells and body. It is a way of getting liquid nutrition rapidly into your body on the cellular level. 

These are tried and tested recipes that will give you a juicy start to your juicing journey and you will start to feel great immediately. 

Why don’t I just eat them?

Let’s be honest here — most people don’t! The thing with juicing is that we’re extracting the most wholesome form of liquid nutrition from the fruit and veg. On drinking this fresh cold pressed juice it delivers natural vitamins and minerals to the cells that need them most.  

Why fruit and Veg?

Why not? Most people know instinctively that fruit and vegetables are good for us but we just don’t eat it regularly enough for it to have significant health benefits. Research has shown that extracting the juice from fruit and vegetables and drinking it has more health benefits than eating it. 

Do you treat specific ailments?

Yes, there are specific juice recipes and plans that can help specific ailments. Please see pricing below. 

Intro to Juicing at your place: £125 ( Covers one visit in the East London area)

This includes a basic introduction to and benefits of juicing, which juicer to buy, and beginner juicing recipes. 

Call the juicing guy Faisal on 07944 268 929 or text/whats app for enquiries.

Join the juicing revolution and improve your health through the best form of nutrition nature has to offer!!!