Aishah Hussain-Qureshi

My name is Aishah and I am from a family who have been traditional alternative medicine practitioners for many generations. My grandfather was a herbalist and my father continued his legacy specialising in fertility. I was treated for polycystic ovaries by my dad in my early twenties and went on with no problems to have a beautiful healthy daughter. Inspired by this and my early childhood exposure to alternative therapies I have learned from my father and eventually became a homeopath incorporating herbalism, nutrition, and essences.

I have studied for a Licentiate and BSc (Honours) in Homeopathy at one of the leading Homeopathic institutions, Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE). My previous qualifications include a BA (Hons) in History (2006).

I am currently working with other renowned homeopaths and am now offering a private clinic at in Chadwell Heath. Consultations in Walthamstow and local home visits can be arranged for an additional cost to cover travel. I offer a psychosomatic approach to health: exploring how stress and emotional factors can cause illness.

I have also been involved with La Leche League and have done some training towards breastfeeding counselling; this continues to be an area of interest. My passions include treating fertility problems, women’s health, working with children, and helping patients make informed choices.

My creative prescriptions may include: herbs, nutritional advice, flower essences, and tissue salts.