Homeopathic Detox Therapy

Homeopathic Detox Therapy.

I combine several methods successfully; a combination of Homeopathy, Bowel Nosodes, Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT), Hair Mineral Analysis Testing, Homeobotanical tinctures, and support for the patient with minerals (Tissue Salts) is a natural yet powerful approach.

Patients usually come to me after exhausting all other means; working with autistic clients has become an integral part of my practice making up over 60% of my clients.

I use my approach to help gently release the trauma (if any) and toxins by making sure the detox pathways are supported and functioning optimally. I guide parents through the detox process. Homeopathy is natural and gentle yet powerful and nudges the body to heal itself.

Typically in the first 5-6 sessions I see a lot of changes. We slowly cut down the frequency of sessions as the patient begins to thrive on their own.

Homeopathy is safe and can be used alongside other therapies and often complements other treatments such as cranial sacral therapy.

I am passionate about  autism and being a mother gives me profound happiness seeing children thriving. At times it feels like I am reuniting parents with their children. Receiving beautiful messages from a parent whose child has gone from being emotionally inexpressive to telling mum he loves her or an aggressive child described as ‘a different child’ after remedies has left me emotional many times.

I send all clients a form to fill out and then we work through a series of detoxes including heavy metals, contraceptives (if mum was on them or has a history of them), medications, etc and simultaneously address copper toxicity, balance minerals, gut repair, and so on. It will be very individualised treatment according to each clients history.

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